A friendship run

Met up with an old friend last night and ran a half marathon. Just for the fun and a chat.

Great to see an old friend and run too.

Did feel slightly nauseous after and had to explain to his girlfriend that it want anything to do with her cooking.

It’s the morning and I need fat, salt and sugar …



Long term pain over short term gain!

Why would you do something that you know you…

  • Have never done before.
  • That when you have come close to it in the past it was painful for days.
  • That is exhausting.
  • And you have to pay for that pain!

I just booked my first marathon on a hilly off road trail by the way!

You do it as the goal is so far in the future!

That’s because the goals that are along way off aren’t priority to us as much as goals nearer to us. So we are happier to make them!

Its the same bias as:

Taking a loan with interest now to buy goods instead of saving and buying in the future.

Eating a Big Mac now and promising to diet tomorrow.

Small gratification now beats greater gratification in the future too!

Wow what a morning …

It seems such a long time since the weather was warm. Its going to be a scorcher.

Its lovely to sit and listen to the birds singing … which seems really loud! Cows moo-ing in the distance.

Dogs wandering about the garden ….

sipping coffee ….

We have done two days of gardening and I ache. Using muscles I don’t usually use for running.

I ran as the sun went down last night. It was again beautiful. It was dark for the last two miles but worth it.

Its one year since!

One year ago, I decided to move from an overweight middle aged man to … something fitter and healthier. Having reached that comfortable stage in life my waist size got uncomfortable. Got a great porky picture of me too.

But what has it taken to get here?

Its not been hard at all, it’s been really fun.

I put on my running shoes last May, grabbed my inhaler. Got 250 metres and was out of breath. Stomach tight on my top.

Over time I ran a little further and a little father but it was so gradual I didn’t notice. I don’t need my asthma meds much now either.

I stopped drinking in August and this made a massive difference to my calorie intake. But more importantly my mood. Dealing with life sober is awesome. Knowing you don’t need alcohol to chill makes me feel strong mentally.

Gradually the weight dropped off. But more importantly, I loved being in the countryside on my own and just nature. I ran in the dark and in the rain.

Here we are one year later feeling good. I still eat some unhealthy foods, but I also eat plenty of healthy foods too.

Sourdough, brown rice, Nairn oat cakes, eggs, salad, fruit and veg and yoghurt in the diet. Plus the odd pizza or Mac Donald’s or sandwich and crisps. Becks Blue 30 calories to drink. Coffee and green tea alternately.

I use lots of energy and I have to eat well. If I don’t I can’t run and I get shaky.

So to all, if you’re sat on your sofa feeling tired… you would be really amazed at how much energy you have in the form of blood sugar that you could use up!

Lastly …. it’s fun swapping fresh air for wine and Netflix …. but it’s not very good for you.

Update on health

Ok, it’s been 10 months since I decided to move from. Pre-hypertensive, overweight BMI 26, Cronic Pain Meds and a real waist of 40″.

  • I ran my first steps last May, I made about 200 meters before I couldn’t run anymore. I can now run 20k non stop and if I do say so myself pretty quick.
  • I don’t drink anymore, I’m more sociable and less moody.
  • I am at least 1 and 1/2 stone lighter
  • I wear skinny jeans 👖
  • My waist is only 34 round the fat part not 40
  • People comment on my physical appearance
  • I eat healthily 90% of the time
  • I don’t feel guilty eating junk food đŸĨ˜ every now and then
  • I am much more productive during the day
  • I think better
  • I’m calmer
  • I’m in more control
  • I Don’t use chronic pain meds anymore.
  • My blood pressure is awesome now
    • Latest dieting thoughts

      I have been training for a 1/2 marathon since May last year and the race is this Sunday coming.

      I always worry that I’m putting on weight etc. I think all the time about what and when I eat. It is tiring to do this. But nearly a year of training means I want to race at my best.

      I am currently eating a bag of crisps and chocolate! So even though I worry about being heavy I have eaten these.

      However, I will run 🏃‍♂ī¸ tonight as a warm up for my race and it’s the first chocolate bar in weeks!!

      But still… the endless thoughts of eating right is doing my head in!

      I don’t want to get a middle aged paunch again lol!!

      Over confidence ….

      I ran today. After running 10k at 5:00 min per K last weekend I decided to do a 20k this weekend. Gloriously sunny, circa 1 degree. Setting off on a route of country lane countryside, a 1/4 hill, bridleways and cycle paths. Feeling confident at the start but took it relatively easily… but at 16K my legs got really painful. 19k and it was all over. Legs so sore I wasn’t sure that if I did anymore they would still work. Thought at the start I would smash it! But there you go, bloody top from sore nipples, numb toes from cold and painful foot….

      like life, stretch yourself but don’t be a dick and over so it! … I didn’t continue to 21k… hobbled home instead.

      Mindful 10k Race

      I had been reading a mindfulness book on running. I said in an earlier blog how surprised I was how good it was. Interviewing real runners and trainers.

      Today I ran a 10k race hard but ran on my breath…

      Feeling the Rhythm of the run in time with my breath. Little like a human metronome…

      it made it so much more pleasant ..

      50 mins 5 secs ….

      Every time I think about life…

      Existential angst …. I have no idea why. But it may be reading to much existentialism that puts me in a low mood…. for days and days.

      When I hit my forties I did wonder why we strive through life knowing that it doesn’t matter. That we will be brown bread in 30 years. So what’s the point?

      It just seems like a treadmill that you have to keep going because you’re powering the house.

      People say they get meaning in doing stuff for other people… but it still brings me back to my brown bread point?


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