January 1st 2019

Well here we go! Year 49 …

I have a new year resolution to run my 200 runs again but get to 2000K instead of my 2018 1846k.

Every day I will do ten press ups in January… will try! This will then ramp up until December 2019 I can do 100 a day!!!

No more fostering, a year of Nia and I enjoying our life with weekends away and holidays xx

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Tuesday already

Well here we are on the treadmill of life of work for another week. Having ran 35k Saturday, night out drinking too much whisky (not good) we meet Tuesday morning.

Already thinking about my next run. Wondering if the few days rest has recharged my body.

The news says the weather is balmy .. but at 0 degrees I’m not sure where they are living!

Why did I drink alcohol again?

It’s so bad for the body as it stresses it. It’s bad for the mind, sleep and liver.

Sometimes I just forget these things and say oh it won’t hurt!

I do like the social aspect of the pub though I missed that.

So no more drinking …

Raised over £400 for a children’s hospice too!! Ready for my 100k in summer.

My first 50k run.

Wearing my normal road Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19’s I approached a 50k run. Slightly apprehensive to say the least.

Took an ultra vest with two 500ml water bottles, 1 banana, 2 gels, hydration tablets in the water. Wearing gloves and a light jacket.

The first 10k on the road felt great. I decided to walk up the hills to save my legs. The hills were very sharp and circa 3 or 4 at 1 in 8. There were a total of about a mile or two of them.

One thing with hills is it’s worth looking back for the view when you reach the tops. All good. Weather was cool 10c, cloudy but dry. Looked back over Foxham with a large smile.

Passed the usual discarded MacDonald’s wrappers littering the country lanes.

At circa 15k a car drove at me in a 40 limit. This was to intimidate me to dive into the hedge. A massive squeal of brakes and horns as he swerved around me forcing a car in the opposite direction into the verge with an emergency stop. I stopped to calm the driver down who was really shook up. She thought I was going to die. But no such luck! Had to keep going.

The road led to a by-way. Running this up a steady climb up to 28K. I felt great. A nice chap refilled my water bottles from his garden hose. Not much of a talker but pleasant all the same.

The next stage was to run into Calne and this 28-40 took its toll. My left ankle became sore. I suddenly started to feel muscle tired in my legs. This was the first time in the run that I started to hurt.

I realised in Calne that I would be back at the house at 45k so would have to run on to the next town to reach 50. At this point I was over 5 hours on my feet.

The last few K seemed to be in slow mo. Each k seemed to take forever and ever. I got to the town centre and I suddenly felt a really nasty blister as I stopped to walk. I walked another K to Nero’s.

I wasn’t exhausted at all but my legs, ankles and feet hurt. I could feel every joint. The relentless 6 plus hours on my feet had finished me.

I couldn’t run any more but could walk with a very painful blister.

Felt stiff the next day and today. But nothing to keep me off my feet.

Realised I needed some more cushioning !

Clown shoes

The run for the most part was very meditative. Getting into the flow for hours. Running to the rhythmic tap of my feet and my breath.

First 100k Ultra

It’s an eating competition with some running in between lol !

Ok, I have always wanted to run the race to the stones in 1 day. 100k across the RidgeWay Oxfordshire Uk. But never had the fitness or balls to attempt it.

Even the thought makes me nervous and excited as it means so much to me.

It’s an undulating grass trail. Used by the Romans. It looks over the beautiful towns and villages it passes.

I’m 48 and this will be just before my 49th birthday.

If I make it, this will be a crowning glory for me in my life.

…… bring it on. #rtts

By the way when I did two trail marathons 4 weeks apart. I did end up with kidney stones few months later from Ultra dehydration!

A happy mind trick

I’m still eating pretty wholesome foods since the new year.

I find that I have to trick my emotional irrational brain side. To stop me mindlessly eating rubbish.

For example, before I walk up to the canteen i visualise all of the crap foods and chocolate I will meet in my way to buying my food.

This was a trick I learned from a science programme a few years ago.

It means that my brain isn’t hijacked by my emotional side and I don’t find myself picking up crisps or chocolate.

I go in for porridge and I come out with porridge at breakfast.

I eat a salad at lunch and an apple at about 3:00.

I don’t get hungry as I eat a good evening meal. But not from hotel. A nut salad M&S, Chicken sandwich and water.

That’s it that’s easy.

I feel bloody fantastic mind and body. I do think my mood is great too.

I don’t diet I just eat more wholesome food. No porridge, no problem … sourdough instead.

I don’t eat crisps though, I love the flavour but they just left me hungry. Like crack cocaine to my brain!

So there you go, I don’t restrict my food or go hungry. I just east better food with more fibre. I eat peanuts sometimes as a snack.

Happy days ! David

Awesome Feelings

Ok I as everybody else came through Christmas heavier and sluggish. I did find my running much harder.

Found life a bit more of a grind like gravity had got a bit heavier.

Losing 71bs. Really happy. I haven’t dieted I can’t do that. I just changed what I ate since the new year.

Porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch with either eggs or chicken. No oil just balsamic.

Plant/nut based type evening meal and a few oat cakes.

Suddenly I’m looking slimmer, belt buckle back to lowest notch and just smashed my Strava run.

I can’t diet I just change what I eat swapping to more healthier foods.

I did eat a Macdonalds last night but I’m not going to beat myself up over it !!!!

10 press ups !!

Wow, it didn’t seem too many years ago that 10 press-ups would be a easy!

4 wobble, 6 more die, day 1. I also found myself automatically going for the lift this morning on auto pilot. So my NYR are getting off to a shaky start!

In at 7:00 am is also tough!

Jan 3rd …

New Years resolutions

Take stairs unless both hands full

Eat salad for lunch

No crisps, biscuits or chocolate

10 press ups a day – 100 by December

Holiday much more !!

Buy my wife little gifts and remind her that she’s cared for x

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